10 Wonderful Benefits Of Meditation

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In some minds, the thought of meditation conjures up a picture of years of fasting, hidden away in a Tibetan monastery. In another study, 40 senior men and women who took a mindfulness meditation program experienced reduced feelings of loneliness, compared to a control group that had been placed on a wait list for the program ( 21 ). As this is a mental state, meditation gives you that much-needed energy boost by keeping your mind and body active.

Our bodies automatically respond to each brainwave frequency (of Beta, Alpha, Theta or Delta) and become nervous or anxious (in Beta) or calm and relaxed (in Alpha.) Easy meditation techniques such as brainwave meditation automatically put the brain into different states, youtu.be thus directing the body to respond accordingly and produce appropriate chemicals.

Subjects in a study were trained for ten days in meditation, and researchers saw a release of epinephrine , which in turn produces an anti-inflammatory response. Besides improving essential body functions like hunger, sleep, metabolism, and immunity, meditation helps children remain more active and bubbly.

However even following just a ten minute meditation session improvements were seen in the attention abilities of those who had never practiced meditation before. In addition to formal meditation, you can also cultivate mindfulness informally by focusing your attention on your moment-to-moment sensations during everyday activities.

Other people become more creative because their minds become clearer … and the benefits go beyond professional settings”— Chade-Meng Tan, Google’s former personal growth guru who designed the course Search Inside Yourself. Whatever forces you to focus your mind on your awareness and let go of any thoughts or emotions that arise is a form of meditation.

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