Music Playlist You Really Need While Playing Poker – Playing

Released as the first single from their fifth album Metallica in 1991, ‘Enter Sandman’ was written by the three geniuses’ metallic-heads Kirk Hammett, click James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich. Thought-about to be one in every of DMX’s greatest hits has the ring to totally make you are feeling like a badass and make you start playing poker online with a bang. Keep tuned till we launch the following set of superb and badass tracks with Vol.2 coming quickly. It’s considered one of their most popular tracks that was even featured within the movie ‘The Hangover’ throughout the casino scene. So guess we’ve covered you with a number of nice tracks that can keep your winning momentum going at online poker. Let’s have a look and listen to some of the standout tracks that have made their mark over time. The tune is loaded with nice playing verses like “pushing up the ante, I do know you want to see me, learn ’em and weep, the useless man’s hand once more.” Lyrics like “you win some, lose some, it’s all the same to me” could be slightly too nonchalant for the skilled poker player in all of us, but we won’t resist playing this three-minute gem on repeat.

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