Buddhist Meditation Tips

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When I first decided to learn how to Meditate, I needed some Meditation Tips to get started! Carry meditation into everyday life. What do you do?” Like anything else, meditation and controlled breathing are disciplines that you can learn and then practice. During the most productive time in my life, I was meditating for hours each day. And I didn’t think I was very good at it. I’d close my eyes, count my breath, and then start making grocery lists in my head and worrying about the un-crossed-off items on my to-do list.

6. Whenever you find your mind wandering, refocus on your breathing. Meditation, that is. Most people with attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD) we encounter seem to be allergic to the word. Sitting and clearing your mind can feel impossible at first. It’s a focus and blankness of your mind for a period of time, for spiritual purposes or even as a method of relaxation (to purposefully lead to sleep).

Breathe in whatever way feels comfortable to you. As I just mentioned, without even trying, while meditating thoughts will pop up. And these thoughts can sometimes be uncomfortable. The key is to not feel frustrated if your mind starts wandering, and not to judge yourself or be hard on yourself.

Meditate every day at your chosen time, even if it’s only five or ten minutes. The only effort it takes, is taking the time to do it. Still the chatter in your mind, if only for a few minutes a day it’s priceless. When you schedule a time of the day to meditate, it is easier to establish the practice as a habit , and you’ll be more likely to do it each day.

Every time you find yourself getting lost in your thoughts, let go of any judgement, recognise your mind has wandered and bring your focus back to your breath. Try and make your breathing feel tangible, palpable. So, as a newbie, try to stick just to one technique or related techniques (for example a breathing technique is related to a body technique).

Noticing how your body feels, right now, in this space helps to settle the mind and bring focus back to the right here right now. When I first became interested in establishing a meditation and mindfulness practice , I approached it intellectually: I read a lot of books, downloaded apps for meditation benefits, and even considered taking a class at a local Zen meditation center.

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