Meditation Techniques

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Meditation is focused contemplation on a particular object or subject. Meditation helps in realizing our goal and true happiness of life. Meditation brings a sense of calm to the mind and body that can reduce stress, Washam says. One study showed that workers who regularly practiced meditation were able to stay focused on a task for longer and were better able to recall details from those tasks.

Meditation helps me see the patterns in real time and have an element of choice in whether to respond automatically or choose differently, or simply be aware without making a choice at all. Now, more than ever, taking steps to build mindfulness has tremendous benefits.

A research from Leiden University (Netherlands) demonstrates that the practice of open monitoring” meditation (non-reactively monitoring the content of experience from moment-to-moment) has positive effects in creativity and divergent thinking. Participants in the eight-week group showed no loss of CD4 T cells, indicating that mindfulness meditation training can buffer declines.

Several studies have shown that meditation and mindfulness-based stress reduction can help manage chronic pain , which is welcome news for people living with arthritis Embracing meditation can help lessen the intensity of pain, enhance functionality and improve mood and quality of life.

Numerous scientific studies conducted by well-regarded researchers and organizations prove that regular meditation practice permanently alters the brain. One of the best ways to counteract the effects of stress on your body is to meditate on a regular basis. As lower levels of stress hormones are introduced into our system through a daily meditation practice, damaged telomeres mend , and our immune function rises.

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