Moochka: Christmas Baubles

Chain stitch

I used this stitch on the firework bauble. It looks beautiful

when accomplished in different colours. บาคาร่า

I have worked this stitch over one double crochet stitch going

up, down and sideways.

1: Deliver the needle up by way of back to front. This is your

place to begin.

2: Insert the needle again at the start line and convey the

tip up 1 stitch away.

3: Place the yarn behind the needle and pull the needle by the loop.

4: Insert the needle back into the same stitch you just came

out from, but ensuring the loop is secured in-between the

two strands of yarn. This will entice it and you’ll transfer on to

the following chain stitch.

Take a look at these fluffy baubles by Potter & Bloom, aren’t they only gorgeous? I like the colors and cool designs. This particular pattern was written for 7 cm polystyrene balls and it’s absolutely lovely. Every bauble is made using just two strands of yarn, so it’s a great way to make use of up leftovers!

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