Top 5 Meditation Tips

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Focus on your breathing and nothing else. Instead, the next time you meditate, take a minute at the end to notice if you feel any different from when you sat down — perhaps you’re a little less tense or a little more aware of how you feel. The energy centers and pathways through your body are a great way to meditate because they give your mind an active path to follow.

13: Notice if frustration starts to creep into your practice. The practice of focusing on things you feel grateful for can help you shift your focus away from the negative and onto the positive. As you focus on your breath or mantra, your mind will begin to calm and become present.

This is again why we strongly suggest guided meditations for newcomers, since it provides a reminder when the mind wanders. Breathing is a common focus point in many different types of meditation. In the beginning, most people can’t sit still in silence for more than a few minutes before they start to get agitated.

For your first few meditation sessions, try something as simple as possible, such as focusing on your breathing and noticing how your breath enters through your nose and exits through your mouth (or vice versa – whichever feels more comfortable). Breethe’s 10-minute guided meditation may seem a little longer than other apps on this list, but the smartphone app also has a web tie-in, where you can check your progress or even meditate right at your desk from your browser.

End your practice each day by observing how you feel. This form of meditation may allow your body to settle into a state of profound rest and relaxation and your mind to achieve a state of inner peace, without needing to use concentration or effort. Try setting a meditation timer for a few minutes longer than the last time.

Focus your attention on slowing down your breathing by taking four long, deep, slow breaths, and then imagine white or golden light starting in your left foot slowly moving up through the entire left side of your body and then down your right. And most people experience that when they transition off using a guided meditation, and for the same reason.

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