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Ground of discrimination – Under the Canadian Human Rights Act public entities cannot discriminate based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status and family status, disability or a conviction that has been pardoned. Circumstantial evidence shows how the situation creates the possibility that you committed the crime,נערות ליווי such as being in the area, knowing other people involved etc. Evidence is inadmissible in court if it is not collected in the correct way or if police violated your rights when it was collected. Promise to appear – A piece of paper the police give you when you are arrested. Arrest – Police can only arrest you if you are doing something illegal, or if they have a good reason to think you are or are going to do something illegal, נערות ליווי or if they have a warrant from a judge based on something they think you did previously. Peace bond – This is a court order you can request to keep a person away from you for a year if they have hurt orנערות ליווי threatened you in the past. Community Service Order (CSO) – If you are found guilty of a crime, the judge could order you to complete a certain number of hours of volunteer work instead of sending you to jail.

Subpoena – A written judicial order that requires a person to appear in court at a certain place and time in order to give evidence in a court proceeding as a witness. Half-way house – A place where people can be housed after being released from jail to integrate them back into the community. Community standards of tolerance – What the community would find it acceptable for other members of the community to do or see, taking into account the possible harmfulness or anti-social behaviour that could result from viewing or participating in the act, as well as the circumstances. Aggravating factors are points that may lead to stronger sentences and include past convictions for similar crimes, violence, abuses of power, and victim impact statements. It may require the person to take the stand and testify personally, or may be required to produce documents related to the court proceeding that she/he possess.

Criminalization – Turning an activity into a criminal offence by making it illegal or turning a person into a criminal by making an activity they engage in into a criminal offence. Complainant – The person who was the victim of an alleged offence. Plea bargaining – The discussion that occurs if you are charged with more than one offence. You might be more likely to be released if you have children in your care, haven’t been arrested before, or have a steady job. ’ unless you have authority to do so. It does not matter if you cannot afford a lawyer, it is your right to have legal advice. If you do not show up for court, this person will have to pay the amount of the bail. If you loved this short article andנערות ליווי you would like to receive much more information concerning נערות ליווי במרכז generously visit the web site. A forfeiture hearing will be held to determine if anything will be returned to you. Dismissing a charge – When a judge decides that a charge will be dropped.

Regarding employment, it means letting your employer or employee know a certain amount ahead of time that the employment contract will be ending. Mitigating factors are points that are presented to argue for lighter sentences, and include things like regular employment, no previous criminal involvement, children, and enrollment in drug treatment programs. This is not a defence to criminal acts. Your criminal record can also effect the length and severity of sentencing for new crimes. Hybrid offences – Crimes that can be classified as indictable or summary, depending on the crown attorney’s decision. These offences can lead to longer jails terms and higher fines. Summary Offences – Less serious offences with lower maximum penalty (fine up to $2,000 or 6 months in jail, or both) and is only tried in Provincial Courts (lowest court). Sentence – Your sentence is the penalty you are given for having been convicted of breaking a law.

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