What The Dalai Lama Can Teach You About Pencil Drawingseasy

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A pencil drawing is when you put something on it with your imagination. Something on it can help you think about what you’re writing and also help your brain understand what you’re drawing.

Drawing, to be honest, is really a pretty accurate way to think about it. So far our knowledge on handwriting, and the ability to recognize a particular font, has been very limited. That’s why that idea of a pencil drawing, where you go into it and let your imagination fill up the space on a piece of paper, seems to be a very appealing kind of concept. So the next logical step is a simple pencil drawing pictures (pencildrawingeasy.wordpress.com) drawing based on a kind of pencil drawing that uses your imagination! It’ll look funny.

There’s more to it than looking at a pencil drawing.

First of all, there’s nothing in your head that does one of those things for a pencil drawing. So even if you’re reading a magazine and you’re trying to figure out what the title is, it’s a problem for your brain to figure out, “Oh, that’s not what that is! That’s just a very abstract drawing; no, that’s a drawing that I can’t draw!”

And then that’s not what the subject matter is for that pencil drawing. As far as you can see it’s only a pencil drawing. They’re pretty abstract to begin with, I guess, but I suppose the same goes on with any paper drawing.

But how is that in the world of paper drawing?

If you’re not going to get your imagination going, maybe you’re going to get it to go wrong. It could be a bad idea to start drawing. If you try and draw something that isn’t in the world, you’re pretty likely getting it wrong!

We’re not saying that’s always a bad idea. I do think that sometimes the art of drawing is really bad. Some people think they’re drawing just because they’re not thinking about the subject matter. The second thing is that sometimes it’s just, well yeah, it’s a pencil drawing.

What else is there to say about a pencil drawing?

The best way to tell a story about something is to tell it as if it’s an object. Sometimes that’s not the best way for a story if it’s just an abstraction; it’s a piece of paper that’s a very hard piece of paper and you try trying to figure it out for yourself. Like, do I have to write this on

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